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So we've been together for 4 months now. It doesn't seem like it though. It seems shorter than that. ahh yesss......

As for school the semester finished yesterday so i have to wait about a week to see what my grades are. Hopefully they're okay and that I won't have to retake any classes. Mr. Evans wants to get a few of us together during the summer so we can do stuff together like go on tours of other artists studios, go on museum trips and have drawing nights and the like. I'm up for it. I'm anxious to start actually, I need a good challenge and he thinks so as well. He says i'm cut from the cloth except that i'm starting to be a flake so i need to get out of it. . Wen thrifting today but i didn't get anything. I saw stuff that would be good for the apartment but art and I have an agreement to not buy anything for it until we actually get an apartment. Went to Urban Outfitters and saw so much amazing stuff that I think I might just furnish the house with nothing but. We actually got these really cute deer salt and pepper shakers. I'll post pictures as soon as i get them on my flickr. I've been alittle lazy about doing it.

The job hunt went well. I did end up getting a job at michaels and I'm getting so much inspiration from just being there and seeing what other people are buying that it makes me want to try other things. I've been wanting to get back into embroidering. I remember doing it with my grandma when I was younger but i've forgotten how to do it. unfortunately they have like a ga-gillion books on cross stitching and like two on embroidery so i'm trying to find some books on it also the same fabric that my grandma used to use. It was like tea napkins. (at least i think that's what they're called).

I guess for now this is good day. I'm trying to work on a banner for the blog beings that the current one has NO relevence whatsoever to the name. Buon di. <3 A

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