Cassette Tape

Cassette Tape
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So about two weeks ago I was listening to one of my teachers talk about what they would go through to get a job done "back in the day" which inspired me to do this series. Appropriately titled. I thought about doing 8-tracks and realized that they're not as distinguishable as a cassette tape. That mixed with the fact that I remember making mixed tapes made me feel more nostalgic for them. So i decided to do a series of them. This is the first one. There are more to come.

As for the job hunting. I think I may have scored a job at Michael's. You know the craft store. So hopefully I'll be able to come up on supplies when I need them and goodies when I want them. I'm praying hard that I get this. I think they wanted to put me in management. I'm fine with that. I've done it before. No biggie.

Was looking through this fabulous girls flickr . I loved the art journals that she makes. Her name is rachel and her stuff is amazing.


Bill Robles

One of my future teachers is a courtroom illustrator and he subbed for us for the last two weeks for one of our other teachers that had gotten surgery. Well, I know that he had worked on both the Michael Jackson and the Paris Hilton cases. So I go to his website and I find out that he's also worked on cases for Charles Manson, O.J. Simpson, Patricia Hearst, Rodney King, and Robert Blake. Crazy. So knowing that he's worked on all these cases it made me feel alittle intimidated knowing that he would be watching me draw chicken scratch on a sketchbook but he actually gave me a compliment on my drawing, which at first I thought, sucked, but after showing it to another one of my teachers I started to think that it was good.