So as I was flipping through the TV channels to see if anything decent was on at 7 in the morn I came across something that I never would have thought would be resurrected. I know some 80s things are back in like leg warmers, (almost) day-glo clothing and plastic jewelry but, NEW KIDS ON THE BLOCK??????? Somebody please tell me what happened? When did they make a new single and for how long has it been playing on VH1? And has it been playing on the radio as well? I don't know. When it comes to mainstream radio music, I have no idea what's playing or who half of these people are now. But apparently there's also a devo 2.0??? People fill me in.

So I went to la plazita olvera today cos i've been going through cabin fever cos i've been in the house for an insane amount of time. So today i took some pictures. So this one is of an old fire box. It has instructions on how to use it. Quite simple actually. But whenever the key was turned it automatically set of a telegraph machine that typed out the location of the box near where the fire was. kinda crazy actually.

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