Uh Oh!!!

So I did a terribly bad thing on saturday. Art and I and some of his friends went mini golfing. One of his friends brought another friend who happened to piss the crap out of me and it just so happened that they had batting cages at this particular place and just my luck one of the cages was set on free so it was just spewing out balls. With my current obsession with batting cages I hopped right in to get my frustration out. 30 minutes later I finally get out of the cage. When I got home I tried picking myself up from sitting on the floor and my hand just gave way. SPLAT!!! Now my whole forearm is sore and I can barely hold a pen to write with. Oops. Talk about over doing it. Well with a tag from Elsie I leave with this.

7 Very Random Facts About Me

1. For a year I lived without a TV
2. still obsessed with hand embroidery
3. I've learned I enjoy micromanaging
4. I watched 'inside the actors studio' today
5. I haven't had my eyebrows waxed in 3 months
6. I want to play rockband 2
7. i need to finish my last piece that I started

Pictures coming soon.

XO manda

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