We want Manny....

So I went to the dodger game on the 2nd. I know it's only my second game and sorry if this sounds crude to you but to me if robots had boy parts >>>>>that's what they would look like right?

They showed some of the 1981 game against the A's and the "shot heard around the world" they even had the scoreboard the same. So i thought that was cool.
ManRam up at bat . He hits the first homer of the night and the first homer of his career as a dodger. LA finally was able to experience Manny Ramirez in person. You know, you see the homers on the TV and they look pretty damn good, but to see them in person, it's frickin' AMAZING!!!!!!!

We win 4-2 which is pretty good. So far the two games that i've been to, the dodgers have won. Art and I are planning on going to the dodgers-rockies game later on this month. It should be exciting.
I LOVE this bumper sticker. Art and I were at the mall and it just caught my eye. It says, "please don't hit me I'm not 100% sure about my coverage" Genius!!!
Some test bookmarks that i've made with my dinky staedler markers. As I said, 'test bookmarks'.....

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