That target commercial always gets stuck in my head. Well, please excuse the absence of pictures but i'm being lazy. Hey do you want the truth or some excuse. Anywho, for some odd reason i'm feeling very nostalgic about my boyfriend and I. All tonight i've been having memories of him and I from different moments and it's making me feel romantic.

As far as the etsy shop goes, things are getting done slowly but surely. If you weren't sure about the last post I believe the first picture was of a panel that i covered with tissue paper a la elementary school. The second was a necklace that I made and the third was a picture of some bookmarks that I made. Now I have to say that the bookmarks aren't duplicated. They were hand drawn so whatever design appeared is what I drew so... I've also been thinking about adding some prints of photos that I've taken. I'm also working on an art journal kit but i'm having a tough decision on whether I want it to be a fall art journal kit or one based on 'the jungle book'. I'll make the decision in a couple of days and let you know.

So for now, buona notte

XO Manda

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