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so as of late, i've been really into painting. I never did very much of it but i'm learning as i go. Start small on 8x10 and 9x12 little canvases. So one of my schoolmates sent me an email about an artwalk in frogtown and i thought that that would be something exciting to do. All i know right now is that it's August 20th so i better start deciding if i want to do it and get a moe on it.
About the painting. it's on a 9x12 panel and it's done with acrylics. It has a little secret meaning that I hope for art and I and our future together.

So I went to a dodger game last saturday it was my first time. I should have made a little sign or banner or something. Now a little background on me and the dodgers. I never really liked them. I would always talk smack about people who liked them and whatnot but now that i've actually been to a dodger game, i think i'm a convert. The atmosphere is soo friggin' awesome. People yelling and failed attempts to start the wave, which involved me once and my heart started pounding when it came to us. I was so scared but now I enjoy it. The only thing i can say that I DON'T enjoy is the prices and the ridiculous wait time to get out of the parking lot but i think that's everyplace right???
How has your week been going so far?

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