Django Reinhardt

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well, we all know i'm a little thrilled by django. He had such an amazing talent and to think that he had to do it relying solely on two fingers and a thumb. If you've never heard of him, I highly suggest checking him out. I know they play some of his stuff in the movie chocolat. So the assignment was to choose from either three categories. Jazz, Salsa danicing, Beijing olympics. Obviously I chose jazz and we had to stylize a picture that we found on the web. I like the way mine came out so much that I really didn't even want to touch it by the time that I was practically finished with it. I didn't want to overdo it so I left it alone. Low and behold a couple people in class told me that they liked it as well and that I did a good job on it. I've been excited over it for the last two days. I love that I'm studying something that lets me create. I thoroughly enjoy going to my classes and can't wait to actually be in a field doing something that I enjoy. It makes me happy!!!!

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